Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

As 5G networks continue to be deployed, small cell sites have become an increasingly important component of the infrastructure. Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes that are designed to provide coverage and capacity in densely populated urban areas or areas with poor coverage. To ensure the optimal performance of a 5G small cell site, regular quality checks are necessary. Our field technicians can identify and address any issues that may impact the performance of the small cell site and ultimately improve the overall quality of the 5G network.

CRAN Development

“A hardware management and tracking tool using the latest data”

CRAN Planning is a powerful web-based application developed for Network Operations, Radio Frequency Engineers, Switch Engineers, Equipment Engineers and Project Managers to track and analyze Fronthaul and Backhaul networks.  The application provides a unified view of all the cellular sites that helps increase productivity and promote cross-functional collaboration. 

Designed using client-server architecture which ensures scalability and offloads processing tasks on server side to achieve low latency. It uses open-source tools and framework for all the processes, from Data Acquisition to Data presentation. 

Frequency Mitigation Services

Trusted by Major Telecom Providers: Over 120 Sites Mitigated and Counting!
Interference Solutions to deliver optimal cell site performance.


Regular Reporting of Project Status, Action Items, and Next Planned Steps. Interpreting AILG RF Stress Test Results and Correlating with PRB Heat Maps


Development of continuous improvement tactics and operations for measurement systems and processes. Audit Process, Correction and Comprehensive Documentation of Interference Event Dispatch Activity


In-Depth Troubleshooting for Network Statistics, KPIs, RF Logs, and External Interference Hunting

The benefits:

Reliable and Efficient Cell Sites: We understand the importance of staying connected with loved ones and running businesses smoothly.
Minimize Interference: Our team ensures minimal interference to keep cell sites performing at their best.
Detailed Reports: We provide comprehensive, summarized reports on our findings and any necessary fixes to our clients.

Small Cell Quality Checks

Thorough Evaluation

Detailed Site Inspections

Our team conducts comprehensive site inspections to assess the suitability of locations for small cell deployments. Network Performance Analysis: We evaluate the existing network infrastructure and analyze potential areas for improvement.

Small Cell Configuration Review

Our experts review the small cell configuration settings to optimize performance and coverage.

Antenna Alignment and Optimization

Antenna Alignment Verification

We verify the correct alignment of small cell antennas to maximize signal transmission and reception.

Antenna Optimization

Our team optimizes antenna parameters, such as tilt and azimuth, to achieve the best possible coverage and performance.

Interference Assessment and Mitigation

Interference Identification

We utilize advanced tools to detect and identify any sources of interference that may impact small cell functionality.

Interference Mitigation Strategies

Our team implements effective strategies to mitigate interference and optimize small cell performance.

Frequency Planning

We carefully plan and allocate frequencies to minimize interference and maximize network capacity.

Backhaul Testing and Optimization

Backhaul Performance Evaluation

We conduct rigorous testing of backhaul connections to ensure reliable data transfer and network stability.

Capacity Assessment

Our experts assess the backhaul capacity to accommodate the small cell traffic load and make necessary enhancements.

Optimization Strategies

We implement optimization techniques to improve backhaul efficiency and minimize latency.

Signal Strength and Coverage Verification

Signal Strength Measurement

We perform precise signal strength measurements to ensure optimal coverage and connectivity.

Coverage Analysis

Our experts analyze the coverage patterns and identify any potential gaps or weak signal areas.

Signal Amplification Solutions

If needed, we recommend and implement signal amplification techniques to improve coverage and signal quality.

Power and Equipment Checks

Power Supply Verification

We ensure the small cell sites have a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for uninterrupted operation.

Equipment Condition Assessment

Our team inspects the condition and functionality of small cell equipment, addressing any potential issues.

Documentation and Reporting

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide detailed documentation of our findings, including site assessments, measurements, and recommended actions.

Actionable Reports

Our reports offer clear insights and recommendations to optimize small cell performance and enhance network quality.

Count on our expertise in small cell quality checks to ensure seamless connectivity, reliable performance, and enhanced network capacity.

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