CRAN Planning

CRAN Planning

Client Background:
The client is a telecom company that operates multiple sites across different markets. They had been using a complex proprietary tool to access real-time data and analyze the connections and operational status of their sites. However, the tool required skilled users and consulting spreadsheet reports for comprehensive information, which led to difficulties and increased costs due to frequent site visits.

Client Challenge:
The client needed a simpler solution to access real-time data about their sites without physically visiting each location. They wanted a user-friendly application that could provide detailed information about radios, basebands, antennas, and other components across all their sites in a specific market. The solution had to be uniform across markets, regardless of the radio device provider.

Solution: CR

AN Planning Web Application

To address the client’s challenges, our team developed the CRAN Planning web application, specifically designed for RF Engineers. The application offered real-time access to information about radios, basebands, antennas, and other site components without the need for physical site visits. Its key features and functionalities included


The application provided a dashboard that displayed site details based on market names and the frequency bands they were carrying. This feature allowed RF engineers to quickly view site information at a glance.


The inventory module displayed all the devices installed at each site, including radios, basebands, antennas, batteries, and cabinets. It provided detailed information about each device, facilitating easy management and troubleshooting.


The reports section was divided into two modules: Device Summary and Device Configuration Audit Report. These modules offered comprehensive reports on device status, configurations, and audits, providing valuable insights for maintenance and optimization.

Text and Map Search:

The application featured a text search functionality, allowing users to search for specific sites based on filters such as site ID, market name, and site type. Additionally, the map search feature displayed all the sites on a map, making it convenient for RF engineers to navigate and locate desired sites based on their geographical location.

Rack Layout Visualization:

When a user clicked on a site ID or site name, the application displayed the rack layout of the site. It showcased active connections, available ports, carrier types, and the specific bands (e.g., 4G, 5G) supported at the site. This feature provided a clear visual representation of the site’s configuration.

Benefits and Results:

The CRAN Planning web application offered numerous benefits to the client:

Time and Cost Savings:

By eliminating the need for frequent site visits, the application saved significant time and costs associated with travel and on-site inspections. RF engineers could access real-time data remotely and efficiently.

User-Friendly Interface:

The application’s intuitive and straightforward interface reduced the learning curve for users. Its detailed orientation required minimal effort to understand, enabling RF engineers to utilize the tool effectively.

Comprehensive Data Access:

The application provided complete information about all the sites within a specific market, offering insights into various components and their configurations. This ensured uniformity across markets, irrespective of radio device providers.

Customized Functionality:

The modular structure of the application allowed users to access specific features based on their utility and requirements. The Reports, Inventory, Text and Map Search, and Dashboard modules catered to different aspects of site management.


The CRAN Planning web application successfully addressed the client’s challenges by providing RF engineers with a simple yet powerful tool to access real-time data, analyze connections, and manage site operations remotely. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive information, and visual representations significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of site management processes, ultimately saving time and costs for the client.

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